Small Stun Guns-Small Fry Stun Guns

Small stun guns, aka Small Fry stun guns, are the ideal protection device due to their small size, ease of use and stopping power. Though they are quite small, about the size of a pack of cards, some models can emit up to 1 million volts. Because of their size, they are perfect for women who need a small easy to use protection device. Since they are easy to conceal, one can carry a small fry in the palm of your hand. This is ideal since an attacker will not detect it and thus will not be expecting the severe shock one of these small devices can deliver. These devices are also quite cost effective, a 700,000 volt unit can be purchased for a little over $50. While a 1 million volt unit for a little over $60 while the smallest Taser C2 is over $300. Security Pro USA has the best small fry stun guns we have seen.

Top Small Stun Guns