Child Proofing Your Home

Child proofing is one of the most important things you can do to your home when you have children. When you consider that 2.5 million children are hurt in the home each and every year. It is estimated that over 3000 of these accidents result in the death of a child. Spending a few dollars on child proofing is an invaluable investment. It is important to remember that any device you use to complete your child proofing should not only protect your child but be sturdy and secure enough that your child cannot remove or otherwise defeat your efforts. Here are some ideas to get you going on your child proofing efforts:

-Safety proof all cabinet doors and latches: Nearly 80% of cases handled by the poison control center involve children. Over 60% involve children under the age of 5. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are one of the most dangerous areas for children in your home. It is important to secure these cabinets with safety latches first in order to prevent your child to being exposed to dangerous chemicals. It is estimated that one in every five children will be exposed to a dangerous chemical before the age of 5. In addition to poisoning hazzards, cabinets and drawers can also pose a number of choking hazzards. Choking is the leading cause of death to children under the age of 1. Consider door knob covers to keep kids out of closets or pantries. You can purchase kits that contain everything you need to secure doors, cabinets and outlet plugs thought your hose. Child proofing Safety Kit

-Child safety gates, window and rail guards, safety netting, corner/edge guards: Recent reports show that falls kill nearly 80 children under the age of 10 each year. Over half of all fall related injuries occur to children under the age of 5. Another surprising statistic that not many people think about is the fact that of the 80 fall related deaths, 25% are falls from windows. An additional 4000+ children are treated for window related falls and injuries. Use safety gates to preven access to stairs or entrances. Rail guards and safety netting used in balconies can prevent children from either getting stuck or slipping through the safety bars. If your child spends any time upstairs, it is important to purchase a sturdy safety gate, preferable one that is permanently secured to one wall vs the pressure variety. Here is a perfect example- Sturdy Safety Gate . For windows, consider getting safety window bars that can easily be removed by an adult in an emergency such as this one- Window Child Safety Bars . Corner edge gards are another must if your child is learning to walk or have small children.

-Electrical Outlet plugs and covers: While electrocution injuries are rare, it is important to remember that electrical outlets can still pose a danger to your child. Electrical outlets are usually at a crawling child's eye lever. Electrical outlet plugs are easy , inexpensive and should not be overlooked. You can purchase kits that contain everything you need to secure doors, cabinets and outlet plugs thought your hose. Child proofing Safety Kit

While child proofing devices can keep your child safe, it is still important to remember that there is no substitute for vigilance. While you may think you have everything safe and secure,, your child will always surprise you with something you had not thought of.